Enhancing Your Natural Beauty


Thank You, Dr. Thomas!

As a 60-year-old marketing executive, getting my face and eyes "done" by Dr. J. Regan Thomas, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery expert, was about showing everyone who I am on the inside.

Before the surgery I'd look in the mirror and wonder, "how does THIS person get through the day"? If I hadn't looked in a mirror all day, it might have been different. But there are mirrors all over, and people mirror back to you how you look and seem.

I see myself as a buoyant, gregarious woman, but I noticed people in my daily life didn't always see me that way. I remember before the surgery two years ago, my baggy eyes and aging neck gave off a different message. All I had to do was look at someone without expression and people thought I was angry. That wasn't the case at all, but the way I looked to some people changed their impression of me and their relationship to me.

I had thought for a year or more about getting facial plastic surgery before going ahead with it. It took some time and courage to admit that I needed help. Some people weren't supportive, but others said, 'go for it. Do it if you can.'

The result was outstanding, and others' responsiveness was exponential. I'm no longer wary of looking in the mirror. I finally look as vibrant as I feel inside.
Now it's so much easier to be the person I feel. I notice that younger people relate to me more easily, and yet I haven't changed in any other way.
Now, for the first time in memory, my mascara doesn't smudge onto my eyelids or cheeks because of puffy heavy eyelid folds. Now there's a lot more eyelid to work with when I do my makeup. It's wonderful to have a neck again - one that I am happy to show. It's finally fun.
Other people don't guess my age, or even come close to it usually suggesting I am at least ten years younger than what I really am.

Dr. Thomas was able to give me such a natural look, that even a couple of weeks after surgery, people didn't really notice. They thought I looked rested, bought new clothes, or was trying a new hairstyle. No one thought I've had my face done. Even now when I tell some people what I've had done, they say "no!" and try to search for scars - there are none!

I selected Dr. Thomas after a lot of research, because of his excellent reputation and because he specializes in working only on the face and neck. I heard his name over and over again when asking about a good surgeon. Some plastic surgeons work on the whole body. Some surgeons do stomachs and thighs and then do faces too, I don't think that's the best way to go. You want to go to a board certified facial plastic specialist, and I haven't heard of or met a person who isn't just plain happy with Dr. Thomas. He does phenomenal work.

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