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Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

When you meet with Dr. Thomas, he will tell you about realistic types of changes that could alter the look of your nose and face. If you are unhappy with your nose due to heredity or aging, have difficulty breathing, or have noticed changes to your nose from an injury or medical condition- rhinoplasty can improve your nose's appearance, structure, and function. Even minimal changes can make you look younger and have more balanced facial features.


During the rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Thomas will make the tiniest of incisions inside your nose so he can gain access to the nasal bone and underlying cartilage. Incisions might also be made in the portion of skin that separates the nostrils. Changing your nose's structure may require bone and cartilage to be removed, added, or reshaped.

If you feel that the tip of your nose is too large or the angle of your nose appears distorted, the cartilage and bone might need restructuring and recontouring.

Immediately after surgery, a splint is applied on your nose to help protect and retain its new shape for 5-8 days. To maintain stability inside the nose, a soft absorbent material is used to protect your septum (this is removed the next day).


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Post Surgery

To expedite healing and minimize discomfort, please follow Dr. Thomas's explicit directions. Please avoid applying pressure or stress to the bridge of the nose.

See our gallery of Before and After pictures of our Nasal surgery patients.

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